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If we had a steady stream of funding or managed to raise the £10m it would take at least five years to eradicate the rhododendrons across the park, said Mr Owen. Assisted by Anthony Georgiou. They said they were each locked in a room - measuring 4m x 3m - for 11 hours at night with two other detainees, and their evening and early morning prayers were conducted 3m from an exposed and open lavatory pan. Foul by Steven Old (Morecambe). Britain came seventh in the team event which saw Kristan Bromley, Lizzy Yarnold, Walker and Jackson each complete a run of the track. Flynn said: The Cup run might have been the best thing that happened to this club. Coming on the back of a sterling World Cup, where he hit three centuries and finished as the tournament's second-leading run-scorer, people expected Warner to easily translate his white-ball form to the Test arena. They're just an ordinary team. The illness’ profile is on the rise and efforts are being made to educate GPs and patients about pelvic pain. The executive was the architect of the Renault-Nissan alliance and brought Mitsubishi on board in 2016. Nonetheless, he looked suitably lugubrious as his fate was confirmed. New research conducted on behalf of Always suggests women who experienced period poverty as girls are more likely to suffer from anxiety or depression as adults. Match ends, Tottenham Hotspur 3, Southampton 1. Some are still calling for flash mob protests on Thursday evening to go head, showing how defiant they remain. Important changes made to Sesta will grant victims the ability to secure the justice they deserve, allow internet platforms to continue their work combating human trafficking, and protect good actors in the ecosystem. He added: The company failed to make suitable and sufficient assessment of risks. The 32-year-old signed a new National Dual contract with Ospreys and Wales 24 hours before leading Wales to victory over France. The one major worry for Barcelona was a nasty head injury to Javier Mascherano, who was carried off on a stretcher after an early collision with Marcos Llorente, Goalkeepers: Boubacar Barry (Lokeren), Sylvain Gbohouo (Sewe Sport), Sayouba Sande (Stabaek). He said: Flexible arrangements may be considered with regard to the length of the season and track distance. As mountaineer Tamotsu Nakamura later wrote: “As I cannot disclose an inside story behind the sudden cancellation, I write only that the reason why the permit was withdrawn was because of a political issue with [the] Bhutan government. rdquo; Rather than go home empty-handed, Nakamura and his climbing partners turned to Liangkang Kangri (also known as Gangkhar Puensum North), a 7,441m (24,555ft) unclimbed peak that is firmly planted in Tibet. Many migrants came from nearby New York City for jobs and a lower cost of living. He was a very proud policeman, and knowing Andrew you'd know he'd have made an ideal police officer. World Cup 2014: 100 great World Cup moments - 75 days to go - BBC Sport The clip posted on Twitter shows two men engaging in sex acts on top of a taxi shelter during a street party. The banners out on Sunday - many with her face emblazoned on - are an indication of just how personal this protest has become. View image of The village of Gásadalur overlooks the iconic Mulafossur Waterfall in the Faroe Islands (Credit: Credit: Lola Akinmade Åkerström) Ragnar Sigurdsson (Iceland) right footed shot from the centre of the box misses to the right. Because of that, we've now had our first goalless draw at the tournament and it keeps both teams alive in the competition. That's disappointing form against the better teams but, if Derek McInnes and and his team can clinch second place and win the Scottish Cup in the next six weeks, no-one's going to be scanning those stats too closely. Rangers 4, Hibernian 1. Mr Johnson's latest plan seeks to address this with the following: The situation has become so dire that a group of Malagasy and international scientists have come together to urge the new government here to take steps to preserve the country's famous biodiversity. The former basketball player recently became an aunt to twins - Louie and Isabel. After that game, Robertson featured only twice more before early December. Delay in match Alfie Mawson (Fulham) because of an injury. The Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) said the move would help prevent the sale of fake products and ensure legal protection in South Korea after Brexit. Machan told BBC Scotland: Winning one game will be creating history.

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Al Sifa Trading Llc This also chimes with a new study just published in New Zealand, which found no evidence of rising entitlement, an aspect of narcissism, among millennials. Bradford City 1(2), Aldershot Town 1. to see if directors have been up to no good, but the inquiries can take years. Erika Berenguer is a scientist at the Oxford Environmental Change Institute. In a statement, BA said: We understand the frustration and disruption Balpa's strike action has caused our customers. I am talking to Nadia beside the statue of Ukraine's most famous 19th Century poet, Taras Shevchenko. All of which made Boris Becker's win at Wimbledon in 1985 so astonishing: 17 years old, unseeded for the event, supposed to be studying for exams at college, instead becoming the youngest champion in history, a red-topped tornado of car-crusher serves, diving volleys and sawing fist-pumps. He said he believed that if the correct checks and balances for the safe conduct of an AFT (annual fitness test) had been followed; it should not have started and having started it should have been stopped on a number of occasions. Father of suicide student says 'look out for your mates' The barrister leading the case is Caroline Haughey QC. Pictures courtesy of Martina Wing, Ocean Wings Hawaii, Inc. Drug tsar appointed to tackle record death rate “Ominous, defiant and gloriously atmospheric rock. Josip Drmic (Norwich City) right footed shot from the centre of the box to the centre of the goal. of water buffalo lay all but submerged in the bleary green waters, escaping the Ricardo Rodríguez (Milan) left footed shot from more than 35 yards is blocked. It is also an antiseptic, which is why some people find it helpful to bathe leg ulcers in urine. Piled\nhigh with cassava, cuajo (stewed pork\nstomach) and longaniza (Spanish\nsausage), the dishes took up an entire table inside the creek-side bungalow. A surgical care practitioner, a senior nurse with specialist training who works under the supervision of a surgeon, she also assists in theatre for major operations. Nick Wood was pretty sorry for what he did, People do stupid things on the pitch and Nick is a good guy so I don't want to hold it against him too much, Stevens added. This, it said, is largely due to increases in landfill tax. In the beginnings of our ancestors’ evolution, if a human was looking for food and found one abundant area, he could either decide to stay and exploit one patch of food, or push on to find greener pastures. The pictures are a response to the death of her husband, the artist Victor (Vic) Willing whom she met while a student at The Slade. FA Cup: Newport goalkeeper Joe Day makes swift exit for birth of twins - BBC Sport \Your brain will just go to sleep, despite all of your conscious efforts to keep it at bay. \Kanzi also engages the participation of others\ in these games, Savage-Rumbaugh notes, \by giving them the pretend object and watching to see what they do with it. The scheme, which will provide 146 individual charging sockets, has to be completed by the end of March for the government money to be claimed. The political and public reaction to Ms Mkhwebane's findings has been divided. I never spoke to anybody from the other community. Andrés Iniesta replaces Ivan Rakitic. Trump: 'The future belongs to patriots' Victor Wanyama made his presence felt in the middle of the park, producing a match-high seven tackles and three interceptions, while playmaker Tadic has now been involved in eight goals in their last four games. Thieves had driven a vehicle into the front door and had escaped with the safe and a quantity of cash. In January this year, 18 siblings of some of the still missing Chibok girls, whose education is being sponsored by a local charity, were returning to school when the hired vehicle in which they were travelling had an accident. Read more: “Up close and personal with the A380” We will soon be able to share first-person points of view, vision, and sounds. Diego Rico replaces Charlie Daniels.

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Css Clip Image Circle The more squeamish ones among us squinted their eyes and looked a bit put off. \nNew York is the city that never sleeps – and it was particularly awake\nafter WWII. Once I'm out of bed and showered, then I'm generally feeling better as the day progresses. Decision on ovarian cancer drug olaparib is welcomed Today, they fuel every plant and animal on Earth, including you. We'll know if its a success in the long term when we pick up the butterfly in woodland where we didn't let it go. Set up in 2000, Supporters Direct helps fans to gain a proper say in the running of their clubs, and sometimes even take control of them via democratic co-operatives called supporters' trusts. It's obviously Pressed for further clarification, he repeated: Between no deal and remain, I'll argue for remain. Today, over half a century later, a similar heatwave has just broken in Budapest. Companies are trying to figure out when they can restart operations. The wound isn't obviously dangerous when first performed but clearly a spoke that's six to eight inches long into the heart or liver is significant and as fatal as a zombie knife or kitchen knife. They tell us the methods their forefathers used to predict the weather don't seem to work as well these days. The Republican president accuses his political opponents of a witch hunt. Up next are Denmark, whose preparations for Sunday's Nations League match were marred by a dispute between their football association and players. When a 260 pound man hits you with a straight right you don't se coming I puts you on edge. In the years that followed, measures were put in which pretty much knocked it on the head. Ashley Nathaniel-George (Crawley Town) left footed shot from the left side of the box is close, but misses to the left. Searching for higher returns, investors have been demanding exposure to emerging markets stocks. Oman, who stunned the Scots in the opening match, can match Scotland's total of six points if they beat PNG. She has two younger brothers - Robert Kelly Jnr and Jay Kelly. For those who do leave, it is not to Europe or North America that most go to, but another African country. Winning the floor was a surprise, he said. Japan looked on their way to a famous win in Rostov after Genki Haraguchi ran onto Gaku Shibasaki's long ball, which Jan Vertonghen should have cut out, to open the scoring. As the results came in overnight, the peso fell by as much as 13% - the biggest drop in more than 20 years. On the other hand, the people who were dragging out their write-up were always suffering. The feel-good factor You do get feedback from the coaches, but it's not been with anything I have done wrong. Raúl de Tomás (Benfica) right footed shot from outside the box to the top left corner. That may have been a result of Van Barneveld's pre-match comments, when the five-time world champion said he did not fear Taylor, who responded by saying that he would make the 13th seed afraid. Five years on, and the story is a much happier one, with Albert arriving safely into the family seven weeks ago. to grab a quick bite is La Boulangerie Il Who is Samsung's Lee Jae-yong? Will they consider it worth giving Mr Johnson's deal a try? Or is it better to wait until the outcome of a likely election to make a decision. The slogan on the Championship side's shirt broke FA regulation C. (i), which states advertising should consist of one single area on the front of the shirt, not exceeding 250 square centimetres. insulation for the harsh winters and summers,” he said.

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Coursera Machine Learning Week 1 Quiz Answers 2019 Wealth can grow but only when it is well shared, not corralled into the hands of a few. Is India's politics becoming less dynastic? In Tanzania, for example, 80% of the population lives within three miles (5km) of a transmission line. Assisted by Aleandro Rosi with a headed pass. Observers who have watched Rodri closely feel he is more athletic than Busquets. Shankland deserves to be called up, you can't fault his goal-scoring. Reader’s Digest actually tested this once. He told the court: The flame was so massive it covered the whole door. Sam Cosgrove (Aberdeen) right footed shot from the centre of the box to the high centre of the goal. That is what the World Cup is all about. “I see myself over the corals and with the fish, and I hear myself breathing. Globally, enough concrete is poured each year to cover the whole of England. We broke both of those rules: it was only 8pm and we’d only had one drink. Then after you finish the 40km you feel dead, but then you think 'OK I can do that'. King Croesus (pronounced Kree-sas) ruled the kingdom of Lydia for 14 years and is famed for his lavish gifts to the oracles at Delphi, which included a life-sized woman made entirely of gold, among many other ornate treasures. Hughes fed Quina down the left and his low cross was finished off by Success for his first goal since October. Telecommunications Minister Harin Fernando tweeted: Some intelligence officers were aware of this incidence. Under EU package holiday rules, holidaymakers are protected financially from a company's insolvency as well as having the right to repatriation. neighbourhood – the aforementioned Jew Town, tucked away in the Fort Kochi whitewashed windmills, their canvas sails creaking in the wind (from £225; each This is driving a movement known as green building. The channel told the BBC that its promotion of EduBirdie in four videos had been a mistake. Crystal Palace 2, Arsenal 2. What we want is for the Pope to take action. If we don't get a couple of results soon before you know it the season is halfway through and your pure objective is that you will be in a relegation fight. He also wants to look at the re-investment of Caf resources to aid the development of football across the continent, stressing that Caf is not here to make money to enrich itself. It's the first combined fire, ambulance and police station in the country. Its appeal to the government for £250m was rebuffed. As a young man he was the face of a leading fashion shop. Coffee is big, and Argentinean wines As well as being a small country with a reputation for early adoption when it comes to new technologies, ethnic diversity in the labour market is a particularly hot topic following record immigration in recent years. That's how basic it is. In its lengthy court filing, the FTC's central allegation is that Match. om sent users fake love interest ads to tempt people into paying monthly fees. Meandering from one side of the pipe to the other, with no tricks en route and displaying skills many amateurs could lay down without much training, she came a glorious last - but did at least achieve her dream of becoming an Olympian. It is also the only Disneyland in the Willi Heinz, Youngs' only understudy, came on at Twickenham to win just his third cap. I took him for his first polio vaccination just after I finished my research. It was freezing.

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Washing Machine Parts Name With Picture Michael McKenna replaces Scott Stewart. Oscar 2017 winner: How we made The Jungle Book It was beer after beer\nmore wonderful than the next,” Brynildson said. Kate of the Cove was born in 2010, along with Charlie. US man arrested over alleged threat to Ohio Jewish centre “If it’s not written and in a legal, binding document, it means nothing,” Pressman said. An unlikely victory looked to have been assured in injury time. The point is that in revolution lies salvation. This would push the costs up to £5bn a year. The Associated Press reports that Phillips was listed on the voter rolls in Alabama, Texas and Mississippi, according to voting records and election officials in those states. I'm very shocked by their lack of care. “[This year] we have had good growth in numbers,” notes Gingras. Next up for Chelsea is an away game at Arsenal on Saturday, 19 January (17:30 GMT). Kazakhstan are ranked 67 places below Scotland but the confidence was oozing from the hosts as they controlled the pace of the game. Initially, Rikli was distrusted by locals, who found the treatments an affront. Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri: My feeling this week was really good. Operator Babylon Arts said it can no longer afford to subsidise it. Assisted by Nathan Aké. She was aware that there was a risk the weather window would close and her expedition would end without her reaching the top - but says it was worth it because she and her husband ended up alone on the summit. I put those things together, then I said what I did, put the phone down, and realised how much trouble I was in. Mike Pompeo View image of Younger Saxons like Marlene Stanciu and Alex Herberth are returning to these communities and preserving their heritage (Credit: Credit: Stephen McGrath) Tariffs of 292% will not now be imposed on orders of C-Series planes by US airlines. The performance today showed me that we are on the right path. READ MORE:Benjamin Mendy tweet row: Bernardo Silva an exceptional person, says Pep Guardiola Arnór Ingvi Traustason replaces Björn Sigurdarson. But at the weekend, the state department said the US government was yet to reach a final conclusion on the killing, with numerous unanswered questions remaining. About 10 years later they had a commitment ceremony to celebrate their relationship. Meanwhile, all of this remains contingent on what happens with Brexit. How an oil spill could affect this and other ecosystems has become a controversial issue in Canada. Mr Hatton's firm makes its money from renting the shops, so he is not worried about the sale price, or what the property market calls the covenant value of a retail unit. Assisted by Julian Draxler. The deal (or perhaps no deal) struck between the UK and the EU will be significant to non-EU member Switzerland. Later that evening, the entire staff went out, and while they chatted about the design issue, they also talked about other company business and just had a good time. The common theme was that none of them felt they had ever had justice. And speech obviously makes sense when you're driving. Cost cutting has become more evident as firms grow more risk averse, notably with respect to hiring. The Independent Schools Association said some private schools undoubtedly needed to do more to justify their charitable status. Jamie Kern Lima, a former news anchor, also sold her It Cosmetics range to L'Oreal and went on to become the firm's first female chief executive. Typically made with “I’d say that 55 to 60 per cent of our patients suffer from lower back pain,” says Adnan Al-Kaisy, who heads the Pain Management and Neuromodulation Centre at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital in London, Europe’s biggest pain centre.

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How To Make Transmitter And Receiver For Quadcopter At Home You’re hired and fired, you have a contract, you’re paid by the hour,” says Slater. We urge British Nationals in the affected area to closely monitor and follow Foreign Office and local travel advice. Assisted by Danny Graham with a headed pass. Munnar: Best for tea Beth Tweddle takes first unaided steps after fall on The Jump - BBC Sport [If] she quits her job, drops her income and ends up here, she gets the help she needs, Ms Grassie says, gesturing at the free clinic behind her. Brexit: Boris Johnson will send extension letter - court document {\image\:{\pid\:\p06j4sw0\}} He also mentions pledges to increase the number of police officers, and improve schools and the NHS. Our job is entertaining families. He tweeted on Monday that the wildfires were being magnified & made so much worse because of a Californian policy to divert water into the Pacific Ocean. The current state of increased sensitivity is arguably the perfect love (or hate? child between social media amplification and celebrity culture. West Ham Oatcakes are so popular in Stoke-on-Trent that since 2010 there's even been a special Oatcake Day every year on 8 August. But what does this mean for the president? Nick Robinson Rubber gloves on, she moved in for the kill. He's 100% getting the best out of me. Goal: Okaka. The four freedoms, including freedom of movement, remain popular, as does the Erasmus student exchange programme. Assisted by Léo Dubois. Built in 1836 on a hill overlooking the River Ness, the property is currently the base for the city's courts service. However, there is evidence of a more recent slowdown in the rural economy. They were surprised to find something else entirely. Angel Gomes (Manchester United) right footed shot from the left side of the box is saved in the centre of the goal. Police told local media that the gunshot was fired as a warning to protesters, and that several officers had been taken to hospital as a result of the clashes. Romelu Lukaku (Inter Milan) header from the centre of the box is blocked. The plan aims to iron out some of the controversial big differences between premiums for new and existing clients. “What we’re finding more and more in psychology is that lots of the decisions we make are influenced by things we are not aware of,” says Jay Olson at McGill University in Quebec, Canada – who recently created an ingenious experiment showing just how easily we are manipulated by the gentlest persuasion. It was not the first time that social media users took up nationalist cudgels against major brands and state media lost no opportunity to report this. I don't think we are divided, he told BBC Radio 4's Today programme. Reaching a consensus has, it is said by Fifa insiders, been tough at times. M3 Surrey - One lane closed and it's heavy on M3 southbound in Hampshire from J4, A331 (Camberley) to J4a, A327 (Farnborough), because of a break down. Harris, who did a two-week stint here last summer. Josh Yorwerth [Crawley - Peterborough] Undisclosed Keir Starmer This is painstaking work that requires a lot of attention. The trade war is having an impact on global growth, with the International Monetary Fund and others warning that escalating US-China trade tensions are among the biggest threats to the world economy. Jose Izquierdo also forced Lossl into action with a curling effort from the edge of the box, before Duffy's powerful header levelled. This is, however, a pale shadow of a side that will chase the big prizes.

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Dr Hall Compression Socks Reviews Kroger-owned Fred Meyer stopped selling guns in 2018 after a mass shooting at a school in Parkland, Florida. I had been drinking and chain smoked over what the guys would think, but they tapped me on the back and said, 'don't worry, let's have a beer'. I love being here and I love everything its got. They were attacked by a group on scooters and suffered cuts and grazes. Meeting this target would mean stopping all emissions from electricity generation, transport and heating, while offsetting pollution from areas like aviation using measures to capture carbon, such as planting trees, the committee said. “The mansion itself was in disrepair,” said the museum’s manager, Rakesh Vyas, who has lived inside the Baa Ri Haveli mansion his whole life and is a direct descendent of the original family who owned it. Tom Nichols put Peterborough United ahead after just 26 seconds against Chesterfield, then things went a little wrong. Ami Kondo (Jpn) bt Edna Carillo (Mex) But it had been known for decades that there was water in the form of ice on the planet. Splavs were a way for a tense city to blow off steam. After working through those questions without a major stumble, the tough part was behind the former governor. Igor Denisov replaces Anton Miranchuk. The Dubliner has not been in the team recently but was made captain for his 85th cap, a decade after his debut under Giovanni Trapattoni. “There is this tension around whether it’s impressive and empowering and makes you stand out, or whether it does question your credibility. A1(M) Cambridgeshire - Two lanes closed and queues on A1(M) southbound from J15, B1043 (Sawtry) to A14, Alconbury, because of an accident. Rwanda’s move was “a clear sign that we can co-operate to Miroslav Klose: Germany striker retires from international football - BBC Sport I note a bulging pile of helmets and stab vests in one storage room. A special programme will be aired across BBC local radio on 7 February at midday. He remembers negotiating with the bear, saying I know this is your territory, I'm just passing through - we don't have to do this. No swirls. Currently anyone can order food at a discount online, although there are 15 charities with priority access who are able to to order larger quantities. Bottled Beer Geek Brunch is always available. Foul by Theo Vassell (Macclesfield Town). As well as Lady Gaga, the claims have also prompted artists such as Chance the Rapper and French band Phoenix to apologise for working with him. And it's not the case that everyone at the Collective sees the social upside to living here, with a handful of residents saying the majority of people aren't interested in meeting anyone. Woman trampled to death by cattle at Linchmere Common, inquest hears You have broken two, three fingers, your knee is hurting, your ankle is hurting, your shoulder is hurting and mentally you don't know if you can get out there and compete. Robert Mueller, who headed the FBI for more than a decade, was appointed in May 2017. The study is not showing that people get Dutch courage, it’s rather showing the opposite. Alexis Sánchez (Chile) wins a free kick in the defensive half. 6: Barys Arena, Nur-Sultan, Astana, Kazakhstan National Trust\nCottages have various accommodation options at Greenway – the South Lodge\nsleeps six (from £297 for 2 nights). The trust said strong winds and high tides had eroded the shore around the Grade II-listed building, built in 1792. “If we do make space for them on the There's the World Cup and European Championships as well in football, but for now I'm just focusing on being the best I can be and seeing how far I can take this. This is not the first time Facebook has dabbled in digital currencies. There are signs, however, that things are beginning to turn. Iran will not be permitted to build additional heavy-water reactors or accumulate any excess heavy water until 2031. Elise, here we are, another day and another croissant.

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Marine Engines Everything we have been praised for this season we couldn't do today. Daniel Alves Da Mota (Luxembourg) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul. Indians now make up 17% of the world's population. The hearing is due to start on Monday. The internet is unbreakable. A pickle isn't just a pickle. Kazenga LuaLua (Luton Town) wins a free kick on the right wing. Or, the other way round: not knowing how wrong we are about realities can lead us to very wrong conclusions about what we should do. He moved back to his home province and went back into the closet soon after, including a brief, failed marriage. By the time England got him out for a duck the series had gone and several of their stalwarts were facing international retirement. And hundreds of companies this year have reported figures that look statistically unlikely, with the gender pay gaps by quartile not aligning with the median calculation or pay gaps of over 100%. I'm really pleased that the loan has been agreed. Conceded by John Obi Mikel. BBC Scotland's Jonathan Sutherland at the Hope Stadium We have good players and we can be dangerous, so this is going to be a beautiful match. The safety and security of our customers and crew is always our priority, and we would never operate an aircraft unless it was safe to do so. But in Kenya, when Araka borrowed a good boat and hit the qualifying time for this year's world championships, he began to cover new ground for his community and its disabled members. Since then, all that has passed his lips is water and mint tea, he says, and the effects are showing. They were hiding from a military crackdown which displaced thousands in the wake of an attack by armed independence fighters linked to the Free Papua Movement (OPM), who killed a group of construction workers building a highway through the jungle. The president said the claims were 100% false, absurd and ridiculous. 'When you're small, focus on your core proposition' Military helicopters and heavily armoured vehicles took us along the west coast, skirting the Red Sea, to see the impact of this rare truce in Hudaydah and its wider province. Should I seek to continue as chairman of the board and somebody else takes over as chief exec? It's all about maintaining stability. Dejan Lovren (Croatia) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul. [Pierogi] is very often emotional,” said Dumanowski. This was despite Qandeel's brother admitting on camera that he did it all by himself. His first move was to revamp the Shoreditch-based hotel, whose brand had become tired, and he ended up spending a year virtually living in the hotel. In 1884, he and some other men made their way from India to Tanzania and then inland by foot to Uganda. We have to trust the process and believe we will be ready and firing at the top level in two years' time. The speech causes outrage in Iran. The supporters received an online certificate with information about their bacterium. Pas-de-Calais officials insist police follow strict ethical codes. Was it guesswork, or did the map-makers have access to information from alleged Portuguese voyages to the other side of the continent, kept secret because they crossed over into Spanish waters? (In 1494, the Spanish and the Portuguese decided to divide the entire world west of Europe between them in the Treaty of Tordesillas. PSG coach Carlo Ancelotti has also signed AC Milan defender Thiago Silva, Napoli striker Ezequiel Lavezzi and Pescara midfielder Marco Verratti for a total of £88m this summer. Councillor Nigel Howells, the executive member for sport, leisure and culture said, said the work would represent the final piece of the jigsaw in the castle's Heritage Lottery-funded conservation project. It was reported that the ecstatic women were scientists and the photograph challenged the stereotype that rocket science in India was a male preserve. His future plans include moving out of his parents' home and moving in with a friend, 22-year-old David Spencer, who also appears in his Minecraft videos as iBallisticSquid.